New boy


I’m the new boy on the block my darling wife was diagnosed about 5 years ago with RRMS which has progressed into SPMS I try to do all I can just wish I could take it from her so now the question and I know this is naughty but I would do anything for her and I do mean anything I have read alot about the use of canabis which may help I’m 59 years old grew up in the 60’S so not niave about weed but not sure about todays versions …advice or should I not ask I can only get banned once so sorry if I have broken any rules but like I say I would do anything to help her

Love to you all Toth

hi toth,

now that pat has reassured me that i won’t be banished (!) - a friend (pot head) of mine was talking to me a couple of months ago about it. apparently there is a certain type that is best to use. as my memory is now rubbish i cannot recall what he said, but have mailed him to find out for you. as soon as he replies so will i :slight_smile:

vicky x

Hello again. Apparently an indica variety or pure indica is the best to go for. Completely legal when bought as seeds on the Internet. Hope this helps. Vicky x

Hi, you sound like a good loving husband.

Has she asked about sativex. It is a safe form of cannabis, but has to be prescribed. Only a small handful of us get it, as many health authorities (mine included) wont prescribe it.

luv Pollx

Think I must have been high just thinking about weed