New Board - for the BAMPO's

Can we have a new board for the Bitter/Angry/Mega-P***** Off ‘brigade’?

It is for those who don’t ‘accept’ their m.s - those who haven’t suddenly developed caring/spiritual characteristics - for those who haven’t acquired a ‘wonderful sense of humour’ etc.

A board where we can vent our frustrations, our sadnesses - where we can complain about damaged careers, damaged relationships, thwarted plans, damaged lives, where we can talk of our fears for the future.

A board where no one is going to offer a remedy for our angst but rather a board where our honest , if negative?? feelings are acknowledged and accepted.

In other words we are accepted for what who really are and not for the facade we may feel pressurised to present.


its here already-am replying on it now! ellie


first person to reply on krak’s board…

Anyone who ever tells me I should accept my MS, my disability, my missed opportunities, my missing brain cells / memory, etc, etc, etc, can F off. And I think the existing EL forum already has the facility to encompass my viewpoint as well as those who think we should remain positive, keep the faith, see the good in our F’ing MS. Sue


i still stand by my motto

F**k It Sh*t Happens

or FISH for short.

swearing can be fun and educational, you can make it rhyme, or make it alliterative!

anyway it helps me to blow off steam

I’m not bitter or angry about MS, but there are times when I feel really frustrated about the things I can’t do any more. I suppose that counts as Mega Pi$$ed Off. Mind you, one of the things that gets me Mega Peed Off is being too quanked to give vent to my frustration.

FISH could become an expletive. It’s not offensive and you can spit it out when things get to you. Nice one, Carole!

CD - i’m fishing quanked too!

BAMPO’s. … Yes that is a way i feel sometimes, ok, a little more often since ms has come to mess with my life, but if I am being real, other things have made me feel that way too. Pre ms.

The problem with ‘venting’ on a forum like this is it is public. So many people read it who don’t ‘join’. Lots of people who just have a fear that they may have ms & people going through the Dignoses prosses.

I love the FISH

umm for a safe place to vent with no risk of harming others… Life and human relationships are strange. How long have women been having babies ? But no self respecting women tells their childbirth realities to a pregnant women. !

I don’t have ‘why me?’ but if ANYONE tells me to try mindfulness or yoga, I’m going to thump them!!

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Good for you Becca. Tell them to stick their yoga right where only they can reach!


Tell them to write their suggestion on a piece of stiff paper, fold it to produce the maximumnumber of sharp corners = and then stick it somewhere very personal and very dark. Geoff

My physio had the nerve to reccomend, Pilates, tai chi, and yoga, Ffs I use a walking stick I take more dives than Tom Daley, I have crams that make me want to scream. I really did want to smack her in the gob and shove her balance board up her posterior she must think I’ve got a pulled muscle not ms.

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I try to be positive HOWEVER…Why every time I tell someone that I have been diagnosed with MS do people tell me ‘inspirational’ tales about their ‘neighbours ex wife’s second cousin’ who had MS her entire life and you ‘couldn’t even tell’? It is getting a bit wearing! Also when trying to explain my ‘symptoms’ they say “Yes I get that too!” It drives me mad but I just smile sweetly. I am sure they mean well, but seriously they should think before they speak!!! Grrrr!

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The worst is when you tell them you suffer badly with ‘fatigue’. That almost always causes a response of ‘oh yes, me too’! Grrrr. Just tell them next time, the term is ‘quanked’. And you can bet they don’t get that.



I remember dismissing people with ME and chronic fatigue as “Yuppie flu” and lazy gits. I have now grown up and understand fatigue (or being quanked)so I am a bit slower to judge others while I eat vast quantities of humble pie. I also remember (to my shame) my intolerance of slow walkers when I was rushing about being an able bodied ass. I am still an ass, just a little bit more considerate of others, so I guess my MS has taught me a bit about myself and others. Mick (still an ass but slowly learning to be less of an ass)

“Quanked”… just trying it out, yep, I think I like that!

It is what it is can’t change it stress is no good I just get on with it do what I can don’t try and do what I can’t well not often

And enjoy doing what I enjoy doing

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