New Blog and Petition For Blue Badge

I’ve written a blog on my 3rd Blue Badge application in 2 months titled “Here We Go Again!” ( I’ve also created a petition to have the rules for blue entitlement changed ( Please feel free to share my blog/petition on social media. Many thanks in advance,


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Signed first - the comment comes after.

The big problem with Blue Badges is twofold:

1 - The old system was open to too much abuse, and even now the abuse is not properly controlled. Some of the abuse comes from people not understanding the rules.

2 - The rules for getting a badge were drafted by people who do not know what our needs are. So we get stuck with the ridiculous “How far can you walk?” question on a form that is designed to find reasons to reject people. I will go further and suggest that the form enables a junior clerk in the council offices to work down a checklist and find that “reason to reject” without actually having to think about the person making the application.

In Ewan’s case he can walk 100 metres by his own admission.
That’s it - failed the criteria! Stick the application in the NO box and go for coffee.
If he had said “10 metres without aids” - which would also be true if you read his blog - he would have got the BB first time.
If you think I am being cynical, read the application form and see how one question is asked twice (with different wording) which can only be see as being designed to “catch people out”. The fact that it could catch the genuine applicants really does not matter.

If this does not work, Ewen, I hope you take it to the local press, media, your local councillor, MP, MSP, etc.


Signed and shared. Good luck x


Sign - This petition is worth it, and watch out for the 38 Degrees survey on the sale of medical records.


Hi PB and Ewan
It does not matter which of the YES boxes you click on - they both have the same internet address hidden underneath.

Hope this helps


Signed the petition

Best of luck !!



I have just signed the petition.

I applied 4 months ago and am awaiting a decision but now after reading your blog I think I might get rejected.

I can walk a bit with a stick and a rollator but need a wheelchair for longer trips.

Mags xx

Signed up Ewen.

For what its worth, I was also turned down at both the initial application and after the appeal interview. But after a few days of calming down and thinking time I pinged an email to the head of my local council and my MP, within two days I had my MPs reply promising it would be approved which was quickly followed by the council staff basically confessing that they miss understood my needs and those of other MS sufferers a therefore approved my application after reconsidering.

Good luck and its a shame that you’ve been put through all this grief.



Robin - lf you need a stick/rollator to help you walk a short distance - then you must say on the form that you cannot walk any distance unaided.

The Blue-Badge system has been open to abuse in the past - we have all witnessed this when parking at the supermarket. My husband takes to elderly neighbours to do their shopping every friday. They both have blue-badges - and they both walk very well. Leave my old man struggling along whilst they dash here and there.

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Lik many other MS sufferers - mine has moved into the secondary progressive stage - I have had to give up driving and now rely on my wife to drive me around and occasionally use my bus pass to pop into town for small items such as newspapers. Walking has become increasingly difficult and my balance has become worse - I had my first fall recently. I applied for a Blue Badge 3 times and have been rejected 3 times. I now intend to appeal the decision and any advice would be gratefully accepted.

I received my Blue Badge after challenging the council’s decision to refuse it initially. After asking for a proper medical assessment of my secondary progressive MS, they apologized and granted it eventually. Now I need a stair lift!

THIS IS AN OLD POST from 2014. So no petition. I wonder what happened to it though? Nuttyp, are you still around? I had to renew mine. simple task with DLA. I just had to say i had enchanced DLA and it was done. I did mine on 22 february online and provided a copy of the PIP decision. I had to chase it recently as it was going out of date. they said they didnt get the evidence so could i send it again, i had to have proof that my award was INDEFINITE. So the rules must have changed AGAIN. I assumed if you got enhanced mobility you got it automatically but no you dont. I have mine for 10 years but it just says on the paperwork ONGOING. Anyway once i have sent my 10.00 they will send me a new badge. It has taken six weeks just for a renewal. Personally i think if you have MS you are not going to get better and some people who have only just started their journey can be worse then someone who has enhanced reward just not gotten the enhanced rate because of the disease being variant. Applications should be passed if they have PIP regardless of the status. If you need the help you need the help.