Neuros and MS Nurses

From choice I am not any DMD’s -

I’m very cautious (over-cautious??) about possible side-effects. I have a close relative who has m.s. - he developed a very rare cancer which he attributed to being on a DMD. The day the cancer was dx’d he was told to come off the DMD he was on and was told he is ‘unsuitable’ for any DMD.

Is there any point in my continuing to see the Neuro and MS Nurse they seem to have no interest in me!


Yes; most definitely keep up seeing your Nurses and Neurologist. I appreciate your apprehension on taking DMD’s but they are helpful for quite a few.

I’m a good one (I do not think) to give you advice on this because I have not seen a Neurologist about my MS for over 30 years. Do I regret it; yes definitely; once you’re out the loop it’s hard to get back in.

Thirty years ago there were no DMD’s and I thought ‘what’s the use as they were just saying hello.’

You can say you don’t want any DMD and who knows soon; I feel it in my water they will find an answer with no side effects.


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I’ve just asked myself that question ie

Now that it is even more unlikely that i have HSP and as MS was ruled out in 2010, should I continue to see neuros?

But then I guess they are learning more about me and my mystery disability, than i am about them!

And what about claiming PIP?