I saw a neurologist yesterday he specialises in ms l saw him privately for first time he did the usual tests weakness gait etc and said l dont have ms for one no signs and for two l had a brain scan 2 years that was normal l was 64 then he also said that l would be too old for ms. He said not to bother with MRI my symptoms could be due to my lupus or sjogrens and pain in neck could be arthritis. Im due to see him again in August under NHS. I phoned local ms society and asked for a name of ms specialist in my area and they gave me the name of the guy l saw. Can l take it as read or should l have MRI bearing in mind l suffer terribly from anxiety and at 67 anything could show up which will freak me out.

On the one hand you’re definitely not too old to be diagnosed with MS. And an MRI from 2 years ago isn’t proof that you’ve got no demyelinating lesions now.

But on the other hand, a good MS specialist can tell from neurological examination that an MRI isn’t likely to be useful in your case. There are typical signs on examination that lead a good neurologist to think further testing is needed. If you don’t have these signs, then you most likely don’t have MS.

Plus, if you already have lupus and sjogrens and arthritis to boot, these could easily account for symptoms leading you to think you have MS.

If you already know you suffer from anxiety, then maybe keep the appointment for August, keep notes between now and then of what is happening with your health. Write down questions which you’d like to have answered and if you really want an MRI in order to completely take the thought of MS right out of your head, then ask him for one at that appointment. And have a think about whether you want an MRI badly enough to pay for it.

All the best.