Neurologist not looked at scans

I’m just interested in people’s experiences here. I had my first MRI in nearly a year - while I was waiting to start treatment - and the results were passed to the neurologist. Then I had an appointment… but the neurologist had not looked at the scans. So I don’t know what the results were.
Is this normal? When you see your neuro, does s/he update you on what recent scans show?
It may or may not be good news, but I’d like to know, really…I’m getting to the point where I feel like downloading the software to have a go myself. But surely we ought not to have to read our own brain scans?!

Did the neuro give you a thorough examination? This actually takes a long time and did he take a full medical history? These are probably more useful than looking at pictures that don’t correlate that closely with the condition. They may be used at a multi disciplinary team meeting to determine which disease modifying therapies you will be offered. Also it gives a baseline with which to compare future scans.

My consultant wrote to me with the last MRI results ( not that I can fully understand them)

And I will be seeing her on the 5 March

Have you been started on a DMT? I wasn’t told much after my first MRI and since then I’ve only had a short letter after each of my annual scans ( thankfully it’s always the same letter - no change since the last scan). I suppose I’m just putting my faith in the Neurologist and my MS Nurse

Hi, thanks for the responses. I’m diagnosed & on a DMT. But this scan covered a period when I wasn’t - it’s been quite a long wait to get here, despite all my efforts to speed things up. My previous scans had been “pretty bad but stable” - my summary.
Of course, I’d like to know whether there were changes on the MRI before the treatment started… Really what I’d like to hear is that it’s all miraculously cleared up! But failing that, stable would have been some consolation…My impression is that some of the white blobs (“hyperintensities” or whatever) can in theory fade, possibly indicating repair.
If I had cancer, I’d want to know the results of each scan - I feel the same with MS.


In the MRI report letter, I notice they usually mention the word “plaques” aka lesions aka scaring aka sclerosis.

Hi Leonora, your MS Nurse might be the best first point of call for asking about scan results?

Its very important the professionals know its our body and not theirs and so describe things fully