Hey guys

Hope you are all good.

So my neurologist called me to tell me ALL my blood tests came back normal which means i dont have any nasty viruses :slight_smile: yay! i had a chest xray today to rule more things out but he said he suspects this will be normal.

I do feel like i am improving…my old knee inury which has been worsened by the inflammation in my nervous system is kinda painful but i been goin to physio. i still have sensory symptoms…abnormal sensation in certain places like the bottom of my legs and stomach but i guesss thse things could last for months.

I know this is gna sound so random but i hit my head on a slanted ceiling this morning and my head has been hurting since!! You guys dont think its concussion do u? I aint been sick or passed out or anything, but my head feels sore :frowning: i just dont want to do any more damage to my brain. ADVICE PLEASE?

hope u are all well xxx

Good news on the meds (and that your neuro actually called!).

Your head’s bound to feel sore for a couple of days - don’t worry about your brain though, our skulls are pretty thick!

Karen x

Yea i know!!! bloody miracle!!

Thanks karen. i was/still am scared i have concussion…i think i would have got worse though by now…it was 8 hours ago!!

what do you think? x

I think it’s pretty unlikely. If it was concussion I think you would have more symptoms.


thanks hun. hows all with you? everyting ok


Hi ya

Well now that’s good news!

Bummer about banging your head though…althogh like the others have said I doubt there’s much to worry about - other than it being sore of course!

Let us know how you get on with the other tests - I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Good luck!

Debbie xx

Hi guys thanks for all the replies. I woke up this morning so im still alive! yay lol. my head does still hurt though but i did hit it on a concrete wall so im not really suprised. does feel kinda tender! :S i aint got worse or anything though and think i would have by now!!

Yea so basically all my tests were negative so atm he thinks as i was ill 2 weeks before all these symptoms that its a virus that affected by nervous system and he said anything neurological can take months to go.

I have decided to have another brain scan at the beginning of next year as i want to see that the lesions have decreased. my mum thinks there is no point if i dont have symptoms but i think i would like to fo my own sanity!

what do you all think? worth it or not worth it? x