Neurologist Appt

Hi All

I had an appointment with my Neuro on Tuesday and spoke with the MS Nurse (by the way i’m a full time wheelchair user). I mentioned that i’d hurt my shoulder back in November and am feeling pain all down my arm. I mentioned that it hurts to transfer at the best of times but come lunchtime I am in so much pain with it that I can barely transfer at all. I told her that I went to the GP who referred me to physio back in the begining of December, and when I rang them last week to see how far along the list I am, they told me that i’d be seen in March!! She told me that she’d give the physio’s a call to see if she could hurry them up a bit. I wasn’t expecting much so I was VERY surprised to get a telephone call on Wednesday, less than 24 hours later, asking me if I could attend an appointment yesterday morning at 8am.

I had the appointment and they told me what it is that i’ve done, gave me some exercises and then booked another appointment.

I’m so impressed, wow!

Naomi x