Neurologist Appointment Waste Of Time!!! RANT

Ok. I had private health care with my company for a while and saw a wonderful Neuro. Recently I went to my doctor as I had an intermittent tremor in one arm, which she picked up on and said should see the neurologist. I got an NHS appointment within two weeks ( Amazed ) anyway went along and was not my neurologist but some chap who didnt have a clue! he said he could not do anything as he didnt have my notes and was not my neurologist! He then said I did not have a tremor ( thats cause it comes and goes ! ) and said my doctor was talking nonsense, he then slagged of the NHS and gave me a very brief exam and said he would refer me to my neurologist. Its the first time I didnt have any private health care and I was totally appalled by the way I was treated! Oh he did say having found one old scan that there may be something wrong with my frontal lobe! Although all my problems have been in the brainstem! In fact I dont think he could even read a scan. I have made an official complaint. I AM NOW RANTED THANKS FOR LISTENING.

Hi !! I've just had a good rant as well!!! xxjenxx


What a waste of time! No wonder you're mad.

Please believe me that they aren't all that bad on the NHS!!!

Karen x

I hope that you complained to the appropriate PALS team. (With a copy to your GP, of course)


I have Beneden insurance, which means they will pay for the initial consultation, follow up and tests up to an agreed amount. They then expect you to go back to the NHS. It cost £250 for an initial 7 minute appointment to refer me for the MRI and then £150 for a 10 minute appointment to be told I have an area of demylination and needed a lumbar puncture. The NHS consultant spent 25 minutes talking to me and doing a full check up. I got a VER, full MRI and lumbar puncture within 6 weeks. So definitely follow up with PALS as the NHS can be really good.

My NHS neurologist is the best! He is thorough and kind and patient. I was referred on to him after a very bad experience with an about to retire neuro who was demeaning and quite frankly cruel.
Don’t give up it took a year for my dx but it did come eventually,

first neuro stood behind a pulpit[ yes true a wooden pulpit, asked for symptoms, I give him a right statement a symptoms, he did a few reflex test and dx cfs, saying my life had been severely effected by it, and refered to phychologist, and discharged me, 2rd neuro agreed with 1st neuro but did do mri, of brain and then spine, I was told it was normal other than a wedge fracture at t4, he also discharged me, gp sent me for follow up mri a yr later on both brain and spine, just found out only brain was done, so here I am now with a dx of cfs? Fibro? seen yet another neuro last month as Ive started having seizure possible epilepsy, being seen again august,Im  getting fed up of??????????????? I want a firm dx