Neuro waiting for more tests. Any advice?

Hey guys so my neurologist said my brain scan was fine other than one white mark that without other evidence is non specific.

I have now been told im down for an emergency spinal MRI, spinal tap and full EGM in the next 3 weeks.

I am suffering from constant muscle twitches in random spots, mainly limbs. My balance is awful and I have very poor concentration. Have muscle pain all over and burning in spots. Issues for years but it has worsened a lot in the past 6 months. Seem to be getting weeks where its awful and then is a little more tolerable.

Upon examination I have very very brisk knee reflexes. My leg almost kicks him when he tests. My stength is a little weak.

He said it could be MS in the spine, spinal damage, another neurological issue etc.

Im still worried as he said whilst almost 100% unlikely, ALS/Motor Neuron could still be a possibility but not likely.

I’m 24…that frightens me a lot. He said he cant presume to guess what it is and we must just wait for results.

Id take MS over the latter any day …

Can anyone relate to my symptpms?


The Neurologist is right, you just have to wait for results unfortunately.

Just for my own interest I made a list of neurological disorders and what the symptoms were, I stopped when I reached 12!

Each one presented with almost identical symptoms and had only minor differentials (which may or may not be present in each case).

In short, Neurological disorders give the largest problem of elimination but it sounds like you getting thorough investigation.

A Lumbar Puncture is key in investigation to rule in/out a handful of causes, blood test would rule out a couple of others.

Timeline is important so keep a diary so the neurologist has something to work with.

All the best.

Hang in there pal…I know its scary...chuffin scary…but we`re rooting for you. Bouds xx

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Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I will just have to wait it out a month or so. Can I ask if this sounds like it could be in line with typical symptoms. I’ve horrible burning pain in my hands and feet at the minute and in my back to a lesser extent,stiff legs and tingling in my hands. Also have jerky movements and twitching muscles. Sound possible to you guys? I know ye can’t be sure but just your opinion. Much thanks

Yeh, Hughsie…could be MS …or summat else! Bouds xx

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i am aged 62 had partial pancreas removal over 20 years ago started getting numbness in hands and feet plus ED in 2003 then told i had Diabetes . 2017 sepsis attack and 2018 5 x sepsis and " essential "tremor diagnosis Dec 2019 back to see neuro specialist said i have inflammation of nervous system after examination , blood tests and Nerve conduction test am awaiting lumber puncture my older sister has MS …last 3 years been hell wife left me after 30+ YEARS balance issues spassams and mental health terrrible taking 225 tablets a week plus insulin ,ready for hanging from a tree can anyone help please???