Neuro thinks I’m crazy!

Hello everyone,

Its quite difficult to navigate around the website so I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right place but here goes…

My symptoms are…

Pins and needles in my left foot (this started october last year), balance and coordination problems, sudden on and off weakness in my arms and legs, finding really difficult to do fiddly tasks, clumsiness like you wouldn’t believe (my friends laugh constantly about how clumsy I am I’m always cut and bruised from knocking into things and people), when I bend my chin to my chest I get a buzzing in my groin or my lower back, I also have intermediate uvietis which is unexplained but this causes balls of light in my periphrell vision they’re constantly there and sometimes they flash, and out of nowhere I get this wave of tiredness that I really have to fight it comes on even if I’ve had a good nights sleep. I recently went to thailand with my boyfriend for a month and the first 2 weeks was hell, I felt like I couldn’t walk properly and I was all jittery and exhausted, I was basically bed bound :(.

I presented some of these symptoms to my gp who did a basic neuro exam in consult which he said was okay but referred me for an MRI scan. I had the scan results and there are subtle hyperintensity dots in the periventricular hemespheres and in the deep white matter although could be non specific given the patients symptoms demylenation cannot be excluded’ a lot of people would of been scared to find that on their report but I actually felt relieved that FINALLY all these symptoms were about to be explained!

I was then referred to a neurogloist he did another basic neuro exam in consult but for some reason even after 6 weeks of me waiting for my appointment hadn’t seen or did not posess my MRI result imaging or report… but continued to tell me these symptoms are not worrying and lots of people get them but it means nothing and that I can ‘think them away’ I asked him if this could be different if he sees my results himself and he said yes but he is confident that nothing is wrong with me and basically went on the tell me that these symptoms are probably all in my head. I have never felt more delfated, I thought we were onto something only to be told all of that from a neuro who hasn’t even received my report yet. I’m worried he’s going to continue this front even after he sees my results out of not being ableto admit he was wrong. How can so many symptoms cause me so much trouble all be in my head??? I now feel helpless and I’m dreading his call after he has seen my results. Does anyone have any advice for me at all?



go back to your GP and tell him how your appointment with the neuro went.

explain how deflated you are feeling.

say that you still have all the random annoying symptoms.

maybe he can get in touch with the hospital and ask for your MRI results.

if he gets no joy, he can refer you to a different neuro.