neuro rehab gym class

hi folks hope you are all as well as can be

i was refered to a neuro rehab gym class by my neuro physiotherapist a few weeks ago and as she was talking to me about being refered she said i think it will do you good ??
i said i dont mind trying it but i think it will make me worse cos i try to keep busy and stretch to keep from getting to stiff bit the more i do the worse i am (ie) more tired stiff and sore and get muscle fatiuged easy …

she said no pain no gain you need to get out of this mind set it will do you good long term.??

so ok i say and off i goes i had my first class on thursday for an hour lots of different exercises in like a circuit with ten other people with various neuro problems.nothing to hard just using light dumbells and footballs being passed about up and down steps, wall press ups,leg lifts, heal toe dancing, and practicing balancing on one leg and so on .

and guess what im so sore and stiff and twisted like i said i would be also spasms in my back !!!

my question is … was she right and is it normal to be worse after exercise???
regards bairdy

I used to be pretty active but had to slow down a bit. Still go indoor climbing a couple of times a week and outdoors when I can. It’s an activity that you can easily pace yourself on. Just started going swimming even though I don’t really enjoy it. The buoyancy helps me exercise without having to sacrifice control for power.

Yes, you will feel the effects afterwards, everybody does, but I think it’s worthwhile.

Background: 63, diagnosed with PP in 1997. Find high-dose methylprednisolone gives me a boost now and again.


thanks for you reply im back again tommorow for the second time but i think i might take it a bit slower and see how it goes over the next few weeks
regards bairdy

It sounds like a work out for the super fit…not MSers!
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