neuro apt tomorrow

well Ive finally got an apt tomorrow with the neuro I was supposed to see in november she didnt turn up for clinic, its about the seizures I started with in september, so heres hoping I get some answers

Hey good luck Lally x hope you get some answers xxx

All the best for your appt…have you got your question list ready?

I sure have, dont laugh Ive printed a diagram off of a body, to show were all my symptoms are

well done you!! loll

Every time anyone has a neuro appointment we should organise a mini bus full of your friends from on here! So we can all gang up and badger and berate them together!! xxxxx

Let us know how it goes xxxx

that would be a good idea

Great idea!

And good luck!!!

Karen x

good luck hun…fab idea re diagram…and I reckon neuro will like that…as am sure they just get lists of sumptoms form others…nothing wrong with that of course…but it will help am sure…let us know how you get on…x

well Im back seen neuro and it could be epilepsy, as Im due to start taking gabepethin soon, thats an epiliptic drug I dont need any other meds, apt in 3 months time

Fantastic idea with the diagram Lally - wish I’d thought of that for mine! I’m glad to hear that you seem to be getting somewhere with a diagnosis. Hope the meds help! Teresa xx

Gabapentin is excellent for epilepsy as it has far less long term effects on blood readings etc as the body is able to process it well. was it a diagnosis you were expecting?


Ditto to pip!


Hey lally…thats great news plus youre starting some meds too…my littel JRt dog… is on Gabapentin for his epilepsy(he has idiopathic epilepsy/ cluster fits)…it is also a great pain reliever too… a positive affect…you may feel a but sleepy to start but as your body adjusts it will get easier…


still got a prbable dx of fibro, me, syringomylelia, and now epilepsy, feeling a bit tearful today

Oh Lally x those tearful times are heartwrenching x I so feel for you x sending understanding, caring and hopeful thoughts to you xxxx