Neuro appt

I have been for my neuro appt today and have been diagnosed with " clinical isolated syndrome" i have only the one area on my brain showing demylination and hopefully will suffer no further episodes, i know i should be happy but i just feel in limbo, they have sent off my MRI for a further analysis and also taken more bloods but its just a get on with life and hope that’s the end of it scenario

Amen to that. The only other thing I would say is that normal life reasserts itself faster than you would think. I expect that right now you think that you will never be able to enjoy a summer’s day free of worry or engage fully and lose yourself in anything free of worry again. But you will. For sure, most people find it difficult or impossible to put worrying thoughts out of their mind altogether. But busy life goes on, and the old cliche of keeping oneself occupied is never truer than in your situation. Just because something is there in the back of your mind does not mean that it has to dominate your life. And, over time, every day that passes uneventfully will make it easier and easier to forget about CIS etc for more and more of the time.

Good luck.


Alison your words are perfect !!

That is exactly how i am feeling but i have a 7 year old and can’t let it consume me for his sake, i am feeling low i can’t deny that but we plan lots of camping and fun this summer and hopefully like you say it won’t have time to dominate my life, thank you for your response you really do understand x

Had a letter to go for a lumbar puncture and i had the procedure Monday, no where near as bad as i had thought just a backache since, not sure what will happen but it seems they are testing me for everything so i am very lucky with the care i am having, hoping for a good result and i can just forget it and get on with life again