neuro appointment

Allo. Been to my annual check up today. I was surprised to be out 20 mins after my appointment time!

First I was called to check my BP…yeh, it does chuffin urt, dunt it? But glory be! 3 times it released and tightened…it wasnt satisfied with 3 goes and tried for a 4th, but I said, No more! It hurts! So nursey gave up and said Doctor would take it if require....she didnt

The she asked what did my wheelchair weigh…I didnt know! She said she would weigh me and it on the weighing ramps. Well, it must be 5 years since that was stopped, as no-one ever knew how to work the damned thing! So 2 out of 2 procedures failed!

Not long after doc summoned me and said How are you? Much the same, I replied.

The I did think of summat to say! My bladder…it isn`t as calm as it could be…even with an spc. We discussed my meds and by-passing and spasms.

Shed never heard of betmiga, nor tolterodine......which are bladder calming drugs. So she suggested I up the tolterodine dose from 2mg as and when, to 4mg daily. Ill give it go.

Especially as I`ve got a wedding this Saturday and i dont want to by pass then, do I?

S`all folks…tara!

luv Pollx