neuro appointment and giggles


i’m thinking through my appointment for tomorrow.

the usual routine is doing the timed walk for the ms nurse.

this reminded me of when my (blonde) sister asked me what they did at these appointments.

when i told her that i did the timed walk, she thought i said “time warp”

the idea of singing songs from the rocky horror show tickles me to this day!

all together now “let’s do the time warp again”

sister is extremely blonde!!

carole x

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Made me laugh hope all goes well tomorrow x

well zoe and jen

i ended up missing the appointment because i was late setting out so i rang them and it took forever to get answered.

you are queue position 32…31…30… and so on. it got down to queue position 5 and then i needed the loo so back to 32.

it turns out that the appointment was for the ms nurse consultant, not my neuro.

i’ll get another appointment in due course.

i’m a walking disaster area.

carole x

it was funny though, my sister thinking i did the time warp