Nervous anxiety

Hi to all on here needed to ask for help please

i have been diagnosed about 12 years ago with primary progressive ms and right now I am poorly in bed have got penecillin as they felt I had a strep throat but today I seem to be suffering from severe shakey nervy feeling along with tension building up,

i suffer badly from ibs too and due to antibiotics I am struggling with diareaha which is kicking off my irritable bladder I just feel like I need a pill to calm me down.

i don’t know if anyone else has felt this before

many thanks

it could be a reaction to the antibiotics. Is your temperature ok? If your not sure you could ring 111 and ask for advice.


I’ve got PPMS and I know what it’s like. I don’t know what it is that’s making you feel shaky, nervy and tense but I don’t think it’s likely to be MS.

Is there anything else worrying you? And do you have anyone looking after you?

Best wishes,