Negative Neuro

Hi everyone I hope your all well! Since I last posted on here I’ve been diagnosed with MS. It hasn’t come as that much of a shock to be honest, as in my last appointment it was suggested that from the MRI there wasn’t much chance it could be anything else. All the way through the process my neuro was really positive, saying there’s so many drugs that could get me to 99% better and I could be near enough normal again. My physiotherapist has been amazing. I’ve been working so hard, and she said with some adjustments like a splint for my hands I can return to work in a call centre. So everything hasn’t seemed that bad. That was until I had my last appointment and the Neuro floored me. He was so negative. He said that even a splint wouldn’t help me, and basically I should think about going on benefits. I’m 30. Thats not even an option for me. It’s not the best job in the world, but it’s what I’ve been working towards. I need to go back to work. I can’t even imagine not being in work. The thought just sticks in my throat, and his words constantly ring in my head. I can’t understand why they built my hopes up and then crashed them down again! They haven’t even started any steriod treatment. I’ve been refered to a MS specialist at a different hospital. I’m going out of my mind waiting for things to happen, and it feels as though I’m slowly giving up the fight.

Although you were expecting the diagnosis, it still is not easy to deal with. Please don’t let all your hard work be undone by a miserable, lazy neuroloigist, who has no idea about what it is like to live with these symptoms day in day out. If and when you feel ready to go back to work, then do it - only you know what is right for you. I really hope the MS specialist is more positive and helpful. Don’t let them grind you down :slight_smile:

Laura x

I cannot imagine wtf the neuro thought he was doing by undermining all your hard work and positive attitude :frowning: To be fair, steroids are unlikely to do very much if your symptoms have been there for a while and DMDs don’t usually help existing symptoms as they are preventative, not curative, so this may be as good as your recovery is going to get, but to suggest giving up without exploring and trying out all the ways that might get you back to work is unbelievably defeatist. In which case, it is great that you aren’t going to be seeing him again! Hopefully the MS specialist will have a much better attitude and will be able to support you properly. Don’t forget that an MS diagnosis gives you automatic cover from the Equality Act. This means that your employer must make reasonable adjustments to allow you to stay in work, eg if you have a problem with your hand, then maybe they would get you voice recognition software so you can do less typing? Don’t let this guy get you down. Keep fighting! Karen x

Oh Nadine, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a bad experience.

I’ve only just been diagnosed (and I wasn’t expecting it, I think I’ve just been in denial about how bad things were getting!) and the Neuro I saw was really calming with the news and in no way negative - as a professional it sounds like he yours was having a really off day

So sad that anyone should want to make you give up the fight. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the support I’ve had from friends as they all say I’m so brave - that’s NOT true, I’m scared silly but I’m not about to just give in - and nobody should have made you feel like that

Don’t give up, and don’t let one idiot dampen your spirit

Sonia x