need to voice disappointment

Isnt it amazing how all of your life you ensure others are ok and looked after but when you end up with this illness people either think you dont care because you are no longer running after them or worse treat you as if you have lost the ability to think this is mostly coming from family and friends and when i no longer spend time in their company hubby says i have become hard.

you cant win and yes i know i am not alone


Ah Trish, that’s life. You just deal with it and move on. I have decided to apply that to everything,be it trivial or major. The important part is "deal with it ". It won’t go away and will fester otherwise, (people can become hard,bitter or angry) so it must be dealt with either physically or psychologically. Then Move On and leave it behind. Maybe voice your disappointment to the people who you feel are disappointing you. It just might clear the air. I’m convinced half the world’s problems could be helped by talking then acting. X

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Hi there Trish. I hear you. I’m getting used to being called a dumb, selfish, spastic. MS doesn’t make our skin thicker, but we seem to recognise how stupid some folks are. Comparing their addictions & self made problems to Multiple Sclerosis is the norm. It’s the season to be jolly & if we don’t cope, they’ve got Bob Hope. Thick skin, wearing a leather jacket & a bullet proof vest in a nuclear bunker. When your own body is attacking you, it’s a done deal. Give them the time of day & they’ll run. Take care out there & look after you! Terry