Need to think about packing.........

I’m going away tomorrow just for the weekend with my mum, we’re going on a coach trip…the things I do for my mum :slight_smile: She’s going to come over all “Charles in charge” and want to be in control of my wheelchair when I need to use it and I am going to have to grit my teeth and not snap at her because she means well. Mam is 83 and I’m 54!!If she starts telling everyone I have M&S I just don’t know what ill do. I can just see us both sat on the seafront with our 99 ice creams looking like Hinge and Bracket. I hope the hotel has wifi I’m taking my iPad. Right what do I need to take…hat, gloves, gin, shawl, brolly, gin, hot water bottle, more gin… Just kidding I’m looking forward to it. Jan


Calm down and drink Gin.

I bet you will really enjoy yourself.

Have a nice day !


PS I hate packing.

Thank you Ronin I’m sure you’re right, I’m just about sorted with packing I don’t need much for a long weekend. I’ve stripped my bed so I have almost clean bedding to come home to, I’m going to nip to Tesco for some munchies then have a lazy day…I’m at my most energetic first thing wish it lasted all day :slight_smile: Have a good one. Jan PS I make packing lists and still forget stuff !!!

I’m laughing already, looking forward to hearing about. Have a great time!! PS; don’t forget the gin at Tescos :slight_smile: X

Sorry, but I did have a little chuckle. Mum’s are the same the world over, I swear. Have a lovely time. I always try to remember that when you’re on holiday you’ll never meet those people again so what does it matter what they think?

Have a lovely time. I hope you’ve packed enough gin :wink:

Tracey x

Ok confession time I’m not really packing Gin, I drink so little I may as we’ll be teetotal…but don’t tell anyone you’ll ruin my street cred! Glad your all smiling that was the idea. I’ll let you know how it went when we get back. Jan x PS I’m taking travel pills for the coach and the wheelchair. PPS Are you all to young to remember Hinge and Bracket !!!

Hi, Jan

I do remember |Hinge & Brackett, and understand how you feel about going away with your Mum.

I went on a coach trip with my Mum 9 months after my husband died. I am sure she went for me, and I went for her. She was 8 3 and I was 61. Definitely Hinge & Brackett material.

It was very tiring, but good to have quality tume with my Mum, and as has been said you are not likely to meet people again.

Sit back and enjoy, and let your Mum fuss around you - she will love it even if you don’t.

But enjoy yourself anyway and take care.

Jackie x

Jan, you really made me laugh!

I have such a great image of you in my mind sitting on the sea front with your shawls over your knees! eating ice-cream !

The memories of trips like these last a lifetime! Enjoy!!

Plan 1 - Take deep breaths and count to 10…but the gin bottle can be used as plan 2 if plan 1 fails!!!

We’ll have a lovely time, looks like the weather is going to hold, breakfast and evening meal provided, doesn’t take much to keep me happy. Jan x

Eee, I can just see the front page headlines.

drunken elderly lady in charge of wheelchair with equally drunk disabled woman causes chaos in M & S

oh what a fab time you`ll have.

If you didnt drink before, you will want to after the trip.

Enjoy you Golden Girls…Boudica is behind you!


That’s so funny, you’ve made me laugh. I hope you have a great time and hopefully get some decent weather. Cheryl:-)

It’s going to be glorious the sun always shines for Mother, it’s just sometimes she forgets to tell it where she’s going! How can we not have a great time with all these good wishes. Thank you everyone we’ll have to have an away day sometime the stick users can push/hold onto the chair users for support, win win situation. Hmm I can feel an idea forming… Cheers ‘hic’ Jan x