Need guidance on MS

HI I am Elliot,a phd student, started research on MS. i am new in this filed. So i have some questions, can please anyone answer these questions. Ii’ll be appreciated.
my question are:
As I know T1 post contrast are used for active lesions and T2 are used for new lesions, so can we detect active lesions with T2, if we can’t then why is that reason.
If we can see active lesions in t2 then why we still use t1 post enhanced images.

Thanks in advance ofr help.

Is this not something you should be asking a neurologist or a MRI technician? What exactly is your PhD in?

Our Helpline Team may be able to help you with this, you can reach the team via 0808 800 8000 or

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hi just been diagnosed with secondary progresive but carnt find a page on here that covers any advise much apriciated

Hi there,

If you use the search function (located at the top of each category page) on the forum this will display relevant discussions on SPMS:

Alternatively, Our website has this page which may be of use:




If you hit the button on the orange banner above these messages marked ‘About MS’, there are lots of different bits that will help. Also, you can search for topics on this forum. That will bring up other people’s questions and the responses people have been given by the other forum members.

If you have any specific questions about MS or your diagnosis, you can start a New Thread, again, there’s a button you can hit, give your thread/question/comment a title, then fill in the bigger text box. The various forum members will try to help you out.


thanks for the info

next question do i need a degree to fill out all these forms i have to fill in to get some money ???@

thank you

Virtually yes. You could have a look at the CAB website for general benefits information. Or think about joining if you are claiming either ESA or PIP. They charge about £20, but it’s worth it for the guides to making claims.