Need advice

Hi everyone, Im 49 years old and I’ve been ill all my life. When I was a young teen I remember have periods of feeling tired and sleepy. As I reached my twenties I would wake up after 12 hours sleep I would feel like I never slept. I had pain in a few places in my body. It would also hurt when I would touch. I never mentioned it to my doctor as I thought I must be imagining these symptoms. I also had stomach issues. Felt sick a lot and pain in my stomach with diarrhea sometimes. When I was pregnant at 32, I had a problem with my eye where it felt like there was an aura around my eye. This still comes and goes. For years I’ve had sharp pain in my eyes and sharp pain in my ear. Recently the muscle spasms have got worse and the pain has got a lot worse too. I’ve finally discussed the problem with my doctor and they have referred me to the hospital. Recently I’ve started to have a twitch in my eye which is there most days. My brain feels werid. I’ve also lost my sense of smell and I’ve got litchen sclerous. I’ve noticed the wrong word comes out of my mouth. Are these symptoms of MS?

Forgot to mention that my arms and hands are always numb when I wake up in morning and ny arms and legs go numb quite easy. I also feel dizzy often and have these attacks were i urinate quite frequently. Sometimes when I walk i get very sharp pains in my ankles.

Hello EB, I am sorry to read of all your problems with your health. But the first thing I thought of as you described your symptoms is ME…but of course I’m not a doctor!

I’m quite surprised that you didnt see a doctor sooner. Did your parents know of your condition?

Some of the symptoms you describe could be MS, but they could be other conditions too.

The best thing you can do is wait for the hospital appointment and let the doctors do their job.

I hope things improve for you.

Take care


Thank you for replying to my message. My parents never knew of my condition as I thought I must be imagining this as how can you have pain in different parts of your body. I read online that loss of smell and litchen sclerosis is linked to ms.