Need advice

Hi everyone, i need some help and advice as i am at my wits end and most unwell at the moment.

Sorry for this long first post but i have been lingering and felt that it was time to finally move forward.

Back in 2012 i became unwell flu like symptoms and severe fatigue, i was confined to my bed for 2 weeks and gradually felt better but had severe pain in my feet and knees, my feet were burning with pain, this pain progressed to both elbows shortly after.

I visited a dr who suspected rheumatoid arthritis and i went for tests and awaited a rheum appointment.

During that appointment i was told i had sever vit D deficiency and a little arthritis in my feet, i was told the burning feet was a nerve issue and offered amitriptyline which i declined due to its bad side effects. I was told to manage pain with co codamol.

Skip forward to 2017 and i had a collapse at home for which they tried to attribute to an epileptic fit, i think i just collapsed due to severe pain, MRI on brain done and no signs of epilepsy. I continued to take painkillers and after a dr tried to stop them i went back to say please help i am in pain all day every day, i have no diagnosis and i cant live and work like this anymore.

Dr agreed and rearranged an appointment with rheumatology, he also discussed the possibility of MS as some of my symptoms pointed to that…at that time i was having bad memory problems, knowing what i wanted to say but not being able to get the word out, forgetting what i did 2 mins ago etc, he asked me if i ever felt tight around my middle and said that it did seem that there was a nerve issue, he then said did i want referring to neurology department or rheumatology…i opted for rheu because i had had my driving stopped for 6 months due to the collapse and thought the problem was with my bones at the time.

Skip forward to 2018 and i develop a numb patch by my mouth, this feels cold all the time and makes it feel like i am dribbling, my eyesight gets far worse and so does my memory and to make things worse i begin to wet the bed.

I have never had bladder issues but had noticed that i went from being able to hold normal amount of urine to wanting to go all the time but only small amounts.

I am now at a point where i wet the bed approx once a month, the numb face continues and makes me feel like i am dribbling and i am in constant pain especially with my burning and tingling feet, have also had moments where my hand feels like i have picked up stinging nettles all day, sort of like a tingling but a little more pain.

Anyway my mum is concerned about me and concerned that i do have MS but i am a little reluctant or scared don’t know whether to go back to the dr and report this numbness,

If this was MS for example and i left it would i be doing damage? could the bed wetting be MS?

Thinking about the MS hug the dr spoke about i have had for many years moments when i get a sharp pain a bit like cramp under my ribs, once in my early 20’s i had this all night and now in my 40’s i get this from time to time.

Please could someone let me know what they would do in this situation as i am very very depressed but too fatigued and weak to know what to do, just getting through a normal day at the moment is hard.

Would really appreciate some advice, for example what are concerning symptoms, what can be done and what would you do?

Thanks in advance


It’s impossible to say whether your symptoms could be caused by MS, it shares symptoms with so many diseases.

When you had an MRI scan last year, if there were lesions caused by MS they should have been picked up then, so it’s not so likely that your symptoms have always been caused by MS.

But, as you are worried, why not ask your GP for a referral to a neurologist.


Hi thanks for your reply, apparently the MRI i had would not pick up lesions as it was specific for epilepsy. hence the reason why my dr said he would refer me again, think i may go back and go ahead with the referral, i have been tested for many things and need to rule this out before it destroys every bit of me, thanks again