necklace fastener

does anyone know where i could get a device that would help me with putting on my necklaces?


Go to your local craft shop and ask for ‘magnetic’ fasteners. They come in gold or silver colour and are available in different sizes (but not normally from same source!) I also managed to buy some from one of those ‘magazines’ that comes with weekly newspaper - be carefull though they sometimes advertise screw type which are no good to me whatsoever.

The magnetic ones just clip onto the normal fasteners and all you need to do to put the necklace on is to just lay it round your shoulders and bring the ends together - BRILL!

Happy hunting - luv Ann

thanks ann seen these advertised but didn’t know how they workked


The wonders of magnets. Truly wonderful

have sent away for some so hopefully can wear favorite necklaces again thank girls

Oh thanks for the question Trish.

My answer would be to get a daughter!! I always used to wear necklaces but can’t do them up now. My daughters

fasten them for me.

Luckily the longer necklaces are in fashion that just go over my head.

Will look into magnetic ones - thanks Ann.

Jen xx

Wow I am so glad I looked at this! I have heard of them but didn’t trust magnets to hold some of my beloved necklaces on.

Thanks Ann!

I make my own jewellery and have used magnetic clasps before, they’re fine for necklaces as long as they’re not too heavy, but I wouldn’t recommend using them on bracelets unless you want your bracelet to stick to any magnetic surface that you touch (eg, inside of washing machine). I get all my supplies from Ebay.

Luisa x

Hi Trish,

You will find necklace fasteners for sale in Betterwear if you get one.

Best Wishes,