neck problems & MS

Hi, I was dx with ms Just before christmas and they also found I have Artritis in my neck, most evening and sometimes in the night I have really bad tingling in my left arm and leg and bad pains in my head, Its is only really bad when I have done some heavy lifting or pulling during the day, at the weekend it was really bad I didn’t sleep at all Saturday night because I had done lots pulling and lifting, I know I did too much I was having a really exhaust free day and went mad!! my Neuro thinks it is my neck problems not the ms, but I was wondering If anybody has problems with their neck like Artritis? thanks Sue

I haven’t been DX with anything as yet, but I can relate with neck pains. I get pain in the back of my neck and all down my spine, also my shoulders. I am unsure as to if this has anything to do with my lifestyle but I am thinking it may be. I sit in front of the laptop a lot and carry heavy luggage when I travel to see my boyfriend every other week. Ohh what I would do for a massage - I would probably cry!

Hi Simone

Can’t comment so much on arthiritis but will share my story in case it is of use to you.

I initially experienced a neck spasm and acute torticollis last July. I had to go on diazepam and it got better for a few weeks but then I couldn’t move my head fully L and started getting pins and needles in my fingers. I was referred to physio and started some treatment for a trapped ulnar nerve oct. 2 days later had my first proper episode of neuro symptoms (pins and needles in lips and face / weak leg etc). My neuro wasn’t sure and I still think isn’t sure if the neck is related to my neuro symptoms now but I personally think it is as I’ve never had neck issues before and I’m a generally fit person. On top of that I now do get pain running down my back on that side too. I’m not diagnosed (neuro has said episode of spinal inflammation).

I would presume the neuro would have looked at your spine MRI and maybe found some changes in the discs at your neck. My spinal MRI was fine no degenerative changes in the discs. I’ve been doing what I can to take care of my back and neck. I work for the NHS and write in my spare time so have tried to get adjustments done at work and also at home (riser, leg rest etc). I also saw an osteopath which helped a little bit too.