Neck pain?

I have been getting really painfull stabbing pains in the back of my neck on and off all day. So painful it actually takes my breath away. I have had neck pain for a while along with pins and needles in the same place. I am only 29 but do have a slight hump on my neck and bad posture.

I had an MRI which showed a lesion at C4 and was wondering if this could be causing the stabbing pains or do you think it would be more likely the hump (it is very slight). Since finding out about the lesion I have always wondered if the pain I had been putting down to my neck actually be this.

Can lesions cause pain in that area?


Lesions are weird - they can cause pain in places apparently completely unrelated to where they are! Unfortunately, that means it's really not possible to say whether or not your neck pain is due to your lesion or to your hump. If your hump has been there for a long time and the pain is new, then I would have thought that it's pretty unlikely that the pain's because of the hump, but I'm not a medic so I could be wrong.


Stabbing pains are a common form of neuropathic pain, but they could also be because of a trapped nerve or a migraine maybe. So, multiple possibilities :-(  Best thing is to go and see your GP I would think.


Karen x

Thanks Karen.

Yes I have had my hump for years and it has always ached but never had this stabbing pain. Also I was thinking that if there was a trapped nerve etc they would have seen it in June when I had my MRI (I think).

If it continues for much longer I will see my GP but TBH every time I go near her she just says we have to wait for resluts scared2