Natural spa treatment

Hi all,

has as anyone tried a natural spa for relief of nerve pain. I am seriously thinking of travelling to Spain to partake of their warm natural springs and volcanic mud treatments. I’ve read there’s one in the Fortuna area of Spain which claims to help with things like auto immune conditions.

hi fudgey

if you can afford it then go and enjoy the climate in spain and the spa therapies.

i had a lot of complimentary therapies in my first 3 years of ms.

reiki, osteopath treatment which sorted out my misaligned hips, massages, HBOT (which i still have once a week) and others which are lost in the fog of my brain!

carole x

Hi Fudgey, I don’t go for spa treatments but I do go for something similar down the road. There is a gym with all the bits and bobs including a small pool which is warm, a jacuzzi which releases all my tightness, a steam room along with an ice fountain to put ice on the top of my back to wake it up, a sauna which I can only go in for a minute or two. There is also an exercise mat which I stretch on. I go about once a month which in reality is all I can manage then I have to go to bed for a couple of days. It all makes me feel better and when I go home after, I use my own oils after a very hot shower to rub in then on top of this at night time add moisturisers and creams and rub them into my feet until I can feel my toes begin to wake up. I put woolly socks on to cook the cream in then go to bed for a long time.

I feel wonderful after for a few days then the creakiness and pain come back. I do recommend it if you think it will help, why not! Some people don’t like the heat, I am opposite and cannot move when the weather gets colder, so water and steam treatments seem to help me. If it is all accompanied by massage or any other holistic treatments it has got to be good for overall health. Apart from anything else, it means you are taking time to look after you, not easy on a day to day basis, sometimes you just need to get the heck away from everything to restore some wellbeing. Who else invests in us??

Ooh Hebe, that sounds lovely. I’d have to be hauled from pool to hot tub, etc. But given the facility and some one to rub oils and creams into various bits of me, I think I’d about melt with loveliness.

And then go to sleep for a couple of days.