My son has relasping MS… He struggles each day. He is married to a person who was diagnosed with bipolor in her teens. This girl convinced my son and us she wasn’t bipolor. She want take meds for bipolor she has high blood pressure, want take that either. They have a daughter 4 years. Each year his wife has gotten worse with the bipolor, she belittles him all the time, she comes home each day with an attitude, he can not do anything or make any decisions Durning the day without getting it ok’d from her. Their little girl has picked up on her mother’s attitude and wants to fuss all the time because this is what she here’s on a daily basis. I have talked to my son about this situation in which he lives, it’s not good for him or his daughter. He is his daughter s primary care giver each day and wife works. My son and grand daughter has lived in mental abuse for four years. Is there any help anywhere that he can get to get himself and daughter out of this situation and get his wife help.

think I`ve replied to this on another board.

support continues for a decent outcome chuck.


i’m sure there is, or was, a family law service.

try CAB to find out more.

i’ve seen the sons of several of my friends go through hell with a certain type of girl.

they have all had happy outcomes after getting out of the toxic relationship.

i’m going to the wedding of one of them in february.

this new girl is just right for him.

she’s real! covered in tattoos and unconventional looking but she’ll be right for him.

external prettiness often hides a nasty persona.

i hope it all works out well for your son.

and you take extra care of you because stress is the devil’s work.

carole x

difficult situation - she may be bipolar but that’s no excuse or reason for her being a nasty piece of work.

Thank you Carol but what is CAB.

Thank u for your concern, I really have to hold back at times especially when she keeps our granddaughter from us.

CAB = Citizen’s Advice Bureau