Name of condition please?

Hi. After years of feeling somewhat stupid explaining a strange thing that happens to me i have just found out there is a name for it as it is a “commom condition”. I cannot lay completely flat or my right leg burns like hell and I have to sleep partially sat up. I explained this to a doctor yesterday when asked to lay flat for an examination. The doctor immediately said, “That’s called ??*? … a common condition in those with MS.” I cannot remember what he called it. Does anyone know please?

Spasticity is the term used when the muscles are over-active so get stiff/spasm etc. is that it maybe?

Sonia x

Hello PS.

Sonia is right but I have a load of other names for it.

Every time I adjust my chair to upright my left leg goes like a coiled spring.

A rugby team could wheel me out to kick the conversions.


I’ve just been having a look. Is it ‘nociceptive’ pain?

A dictionary definition of nociceptive is: ‘relating to or denoting pain arising from the stimulation of nerve cells (often as distinct from that arising from damage or disease in the nerves themselves)’

It would seem reasonable to me that if you have damage in your spine, certain positions (in your case laying down) could cause unbearable pain.

Does that sound sensible?


Please excuse my ignorance, but rather than sleep partially sat up, couldn’t you have the leg raised up on something instead?