Mysters of the Univers

Morning all.

Whilst scientists in Cern Switzerland attempt to prove the existence of the theoretical Higgs-boson aka the God particle with the Hadron Collider.

One mistry I would like the answer to is why is there always an odd sock when you take them out of the dryer ?


It is the greatest mystery in the universe. One day they will investigate a huge black mass in the far reaches of outer space and find it is made up of odd socks… zillions and zillions of odd socks and a few billion pairs of knickers.

Will we live to see that day? I doubt it. We can only hope that the problem is solved for future generations.

Pat x

The odd sock turns into fluff in the trap. Mystery solved, and I didn’t win $100 like Steven Hawking.

Sorry he lost $100 (wishful thinking I won for once) Mike

the one that i dont get is how when your washing bedding dose all of it end up inside the duvet cover