Hi all
My name is Peter. I am 73 and have had PPMS since 2002. I retired 10 years ago and have had increasing difficulty getting about since then. I have a mobility scooter with a hoist to get it in and out of my car, which has meant that I can get out and about fairly well. I was shielding until recently but at least I can go out now and the weather is getting better. Let’s hope it carries on.


Welcome, Peter! I’m glad you’re still able to get out. I’m still ambulatory, but I gave up nearly all driving last year because of intermittent eye problems. Sometimes it’s nice being chauffeured around, but mostly it’s annoying that I can no longer do it myself.

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Hi Peter, i have a scooter not been out in ages lost my confidence. I am 70 this year a lot has happened in the last few years, lost mother 2016, hubby 2017, moved twice after and then covid lol.

when i moved to this independant sheltered they wouldnt let me drive over a small area of grass to get to the path and exit of the complex. so i have had to put my scooter in a scooter store, which means i have to get to it via my electric wheelchair. by the time i did that i was too tired to go out anyway.

I am worried about breaking down if i am out so i dont go anywhere. my care worker has now decided to come with me so i can start to gain confidence again. I do sit outside in my portion of outside area. and i run my little dog with her ball and she gets her exercise.

MS has totally changed my life i used to be a strong Leo lol. now i am just a fluffy old ragged cat lol.

gosh i stopped driving years ago when i forgot where i had parked my car.

anyway nice to meet you. I try to walk inside my place every day. its getting harder but i do it. I still do things for myself. I keep thinking girl your nearly 70 and at that age things drop off anyway lol.

i have loads to do though never ever am i bored.