Myelin question

Sorry if I’m about to ask a stupid question but here goes.

I’ve only had one MRI scan and that was ten years ago and I wasn’t told what it showed other than I have MS.

So, can anyone tell me as I’m getting progressively worse is it that more areas are affected or is it that the affected areas get bigger?

Hi Flowerpot

you need another MRI to see if more damage has been done.

the power that be are reluctant to offer more MRIs - probably due to cost.

however there are certain DMDs available that require extra MRIs.

i had one when starting tecfidera.

start by asking for an MRI.

good luck

carole xx

Hi Flowerpot,

It’s usually new lesions, not growth of existing ones. In fact, the old ones can heal up and fade (but not always perfectly, so you still get some residual problems), to be replaced by new ones in different places.

Over time, the body seems to find it harder to keep up with repairs. I always think of it as similar to the old anecdote about repainting the Forth Bridge - it was never finished, because by the time it would have been, another bit needed redoing. I think advances in paint technology have meant that’s no longer true today - what a shame we don’t have a similar breakthrough for MS.


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Thanks for clearing that up for me.