My Valentine Day excursion

I know how to treat my lady

Hope you have had a good day



Who needs cards and flowers when there’s chicken and chips on offer?? I’m sure she appreciated the gesture Don, I’m one of the girls who always appreciated quality time over meaningless gifts, if my ex had spent time with me we might still have been together, though in hindsight I’m glad he didn’t. Good on you, I’ll bet you had a nice evening!

Cath x


KFC…yummy!!! Only 9.30 am and honestly I could eat that right now!

Glad you and Heather had a good Valentine’s.

Tweeted your blog. Hope you’re doing well Don,

Pat xx


Hi Don

Sounds like a great day! I can picture the view across to Sheppey and over to Essex. When I was a student I had a room in a house off of Borstal Hill coming out of Whitstable, near the top. Had a spectacular view over the estuary. I used to love watching the shipping, especially at night, with all the buoys blinking too.

Sadly our Valentine’s day was a bit of a non starter, cos I was feeling so rubbish. What’s more it’s exactly 40 years since we got together. Was living in a house next to the old Chez Laurie on the Thanet Way then. Where has the time gone?

Have you got your through floor lift yet?



Hi Don

Sounds lovely, I love watching the sea.

Hope you are OK

Pam x

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