My story

Hi everyone,

my name is Dave, I’m 29 years old and I have had Remitting-Relapse MS for 10 years. It all started one afternoon when the top of my right thigh started going numb. I originally thought it was because my wallet was in my back pocket and I had sat funny on it. The next morning I woke up and it had spread to my entire right side. By the end of the week my whole body was numb except for my head. When it was all happening I wasn’t too bothered by it all, I had never really heard of MS and in my naive teen mind, I just assumed it will all fix itself in time which in 4 months it did. However within another 6 months it had returned but this time it only affected my right side. Doctors wasn’t entirely sure what it was and never suggested it could be anything more serious than just a weird phase that would pass. It took a number of scans, blood tests and lumbar punctures to eventually diagnosis me with MS. When I was told what it could be my knowledge of the condition was lacking to say the least, it wasn’t until I saw the look on my brothers face that it made me think it was probably a little more serious than I thought. I did a little research into it after that and once I learned a bit more I struggled to tell my family what was really wrong with me. My family was just dealing with the loss of my dad a few months before and I didn’t want to be the reason for more upset. I started on capaxone injections not to long after that which I got on with well until I had a bit of a reaction/ side effect episode which then put me off using it again. I stopped being on treatment for about a year. I went through a range of emotions that year. I was in a state of denial for a while. I refused to believe I had MS, I was convinced all the doctors were wrong. I was also angry and jealous of other people, I felt life had been unfair. My mum walked out on us when I was only 9 years old, my dad struggled on his own and turned to alcohol, he died died when I 20 years old. At the time I was felt robbed of my parents and now I had to deal with being diagnosed with MS. I felt lonely, scared and angry at the world. It wasn’t until I finally accepted that I have to face this with a positive attitude that I felt more in control . I went back to my nurse and decided to start treatment again after another relapse that has caused further damage to my right side. I am now on Gilenya tablet treatment and so far so good. I work full-time, I play in a 6-a-side football team (not the best player but I play) and have been blessed with a beautiful daughter who is two years old. I refuse to be beaten by life or MS, I don’t like to lose. I would love to hear from others and their own story. I would love to help and support people that have been through similar situations and felt the same way I have felt. Please feel free to message me, thanks for reading my story.

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Thank you, Dave, for sharing your story about how a person can go through tough times and come through it with a calm and balanced perspective, looking forward in hope.

Good to hear.


hi dave

thanks for sharing with us.

you have been so strong dealing with the loss of your dad and diagnosis.

keep on keeping on.

looking forward to updates especially news of what your daughter is getting up to.

carole xx

Hi Dave (coincidentally also the name of my favourite telly channel)…

Thanks for sharing your story. you to have gone through a lot and got out the other side. I can imagine how proud your little girl is of you and what that means.

Proof that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Take care fluffyollie