My Rocky Road... & Back to Work Joys...

Just thought id share my journey - feeling quite reflective this evening!!

Had a meeting with my area manager today about coming back to work… its been one hell of a hectic maternity leave… and even before!!

Married in November, Left work December, Diagnosed in January, baby born February, baby diagnosed with heart problems February, baby had open heart surgery February, gave up driving in May, sold car in June… Relapse after relapse up until now, started Tysabri August, dla care approved this week (still working on mobility), baby having more open heart surgery next week… and back to work end of September!!

But… so far… so good! Just a few more big things to get through, and hopefully we can get some rest from it all!

Plus, The boss has been super amazing about my return to work, Ive got to pick my days, pick my shifts, choose not to wear uniform and pick what jobs I feel able to do…

So… all in all… I can stlil wear a smile! (although still a lot of prayin to do!!)

Thats great news. I hope my back to work process goes so easily. I’ve been cleared by occ health but adjustments have to be made. Had not had contact with HR since and I’m supposed to be going back in just over 2 weeks.