my nerves are getting on my nerves!

i have been aware for a while of how my leg pain follows a route up and down my leg.

i presume this is the neural pathway.

however today it seemed to be going in both directions!

so i was hurting at both ends.

i’m trying to convince myself that it will have stopped by tomorrow.

It’s a bugger that MS. Doesn’t just do what it’s told. Or stick to a routine I’m used to. It does whatever it wants, whenever it likes.

Oh, eventually Carole, you’ll get the hang of the bloody thing. Mind you, by that time you’ll probably have lost (the rest of) your marbles and won’t be able to remember what happens when.

Mine changes it’s mind whenever it fancies.


i’m so glad to have you to talk to. never was a truer word spoken than “you don’t get it until you get it”. my marbles are all over the place. somebody will have a bad fall! frank’s (husband) uncle was a passionate believer in fair trade before it was well known and he used to travel to far flung places. on one of these journeys he had diarrhoea and he asked the concierge if he had anything that could help. unfortunately he said that his bowels were loose. the concierge thought he’d said that his jewels were lost. god bless uncle jim. these tangents i keep going off at are all to do with my missing marbles. cheers xx

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