My Naughty Elf...

Hi gang,

From a book on life in the middle-ages (you know I get up to some strange things):

‘Bald’s Leechbook, a physician’s reference book dating from 900 - 925… gives over a whole chapter to elf-shot (deseases caused by elves) and identifies many kinds of elves (including wood elves and water elves) and the diseases they were thought to cause and supposed remedies’.

Well my darlings I think I have finally found the cause of MS (I really should inform the powers-that-be).

I think I’ve said on here before that I don’t like thinking of my MS as a monster… it’s part of my own body and so I don’t think it helps… but a naughty elf… oh yes please!

My elf is being quite good today although, unfortunately he’s making me a bit over-excited which is never a good thing. Bad bad elf.

Anyone wishing to join the ‘MY MS IS CAUSED BY AN ELF CLUB’ is very welcome.

Pat x

Yes please Pat - a bad elf gives me something to scold when I’m really fed up! That might help! Teresa xx

My wretched little elf is making my ankles burn and I WILL slap the cheeky little blighter if he doesn’t give me a break soon :wink:

Sonia xx

My little elf doesnt feel so little today, so he is definitely the first in the queue for a slap, or even a good kicking.

Sat looking out the window at the sunshine, so thats good.

Take care everyone.

Pam x

I like the elf idea, my elf is being really bad today, itching all over and my toes are driving me mad, don’t matter how much i rub them they wont stop itching…grrr. Lisa x

Lisa hon, get some Doublebase gel. GP can prescribe, or you can buy it in chemist or on Amazon. Really helps with the itching. I even use it on my face which itches a lot… and it makes a good moisturiser.

That bad little elf!

Pat x

Is that why we have a National Elf Service? Someone had to say it!

That’s fab Pat. I prefer your medical books to mine. My little elf is being a sod and recharging all his batteries at my expense. Today I should be ecstatic but feel like a damp rag switched slouched on the sofa. Never mind there’s always tomorrow.

Take care. Cath xx

Who would want a monster when they could have a cheeky little elf. Mines been a little monkey today! No respect for a girls birthday! I shall get my own back on the little blighter tomorrow! Take care everyone, Nina x

Hope you had a good Birthday Nina :slight_smile:

Right now, I vote we all hold hands ( o we can collectively keep our balance) and give those little elves a quick boot up the bum :smiley:

Sonia x

Happy Birthday for yesterday Nina! Teresa xx

My elf is playing up today… and can’t say I can blame him.

At around 9pm last night loads of huge Tonka Toys type machines turned up on my street. The street was then closed & men in fluorecent clothing started asphalting the road (I only know it was asphalt because one of the Tonka trucks had it written on).

Noisy as hell & didn’t stop until 2.40 am!

Woke my elf up big-time.

Well I suppose it has to be done & good to see the local authority can still afford to do something!

Have a good day all,

Pat x


There’s now a big yellow sign on the street:


Nightworks carriageway resurfacing works commence here on 12th November for 4 nights

Pat x

Oh no, not good news Pat. I hope you manage to get some sleep through the day and settle your elf down. Can’t you go and stay with family or friends for a day or two?

Cath xx

Good suggestion Cath… thanks… but quite honestly by the time I’ve arranged to stay somewhere else, packed, traveled there… and then found myself unable to sleep for being somewere different… well you can see, it’s hardly worth it.

I’m going to try and force myself to stay awake today so I’m very tired tonight and might sleep through it (double-glazed windows closed does muffle it to some degree).

Can’t use earplugs either as makes tinnitus worse…

Hey ho.

Fish and chips for lunch club today…

Pat x

Ouch Pat, that’s bloomin rotten :frowning:

Hope you enjoy fish & chips :slight_smile: and cope with staying awake today so you can literally zonk out tonight and hear nothing of the drilling etc.

Sonia x

What a bummer Pat, hope sleep comes easy tonight.

Fish and chips…lovely, especially in the paper! Oh how easy it is to please me lol

Pam x

The manager is going to phone the council and complain that we weren’t given advance notice.

Fish and chips were lovely. Also means I don’t have to cook today… just something simple for tea.

Very easy to please me Pam… Food, chocolate, good telly and a well behaved elf…

Wishing you all a nice afternoon… not too sure that I can stay awake…

Pat x

Twitter post from ‘Positive about MS’ asks ‘What is your opinion? Why is MS on the increase worldwide?’

Tempted to answer ‘More elf activity’.

Pat x

Hello Pat, I’m finally back on line after 2 weeks without a working router. Now you know how careful we have to be with everything? Why isn’t ther a guide to elfin safety? (Smugly laughs at his own wise crack.) Roadworks are a real pain as can be living on a main road-there is always some horn happy “thrower” (check thesaurus for synonyms) wanting to show off his audio machismo. Hope you manage sleep, Steve x.