My MS has progressed.

After 10 years of having RRMS with slow progression and just sensory issues, I count myself lucky that it hasn’t progressed sooner… For the 1st time, I now have a c spine lesion and noticed weakness in my left leg by my neuro in my appointment this week:-( So, im feeling a bit low at the moment, hence this post… In April i had a relapse that’s changed things. Steroids helped me to gain a bit of weight ( 1 whole stone!), but also help me to recover quicker. This was followed by a bike incident in mid July thats left me with a badly sprained ankle, which is still swollen, but not too painful - could it be because I have altered sensation on my left side? Possibly, but who knows! So, i was at the drs today to check if i needed to referred for a MRI, to realise i probs need to have my flu jab before i start the Tec. I also found out this week that 1 1/2 yrs ago i had torn my ligament in my right knee but they didnt follow it up with any treatment! I just presumed there was nothing really wrong as I hadn’t heard anything - although I am still unable to run or play tennis as its still not fixed! So, I have just been given the go ahead to start Tecfidera. :slight_smile: I have already gained a stone in weight, I’m unable to exercise properly (although I can still ride a bike :-), which I left in Paris after raising £1200 for MS) and will probably gain more weight now as I’ve been told by the doc to rest my foot and soon I have to eat fatty food to help the slow release of Tec into my system!!! Feeling just a little bit sorry for myself :frowning: Grrrrr

Hello Sallum

That all sound like a bit of a bugger really and I am sorry that it’s progressing the way that you feel it is. I’m guessing by the fact that you went all the way to Paris on a bike (Amazing and yet slightly bonkers J) that you have just been keeping going which I think is fantastic and to raise money at the same time is great!

I know it’s hard enough just to have MS but when other things crop up I know it appears to make the problem doubly difficult. I think having a stubborn attitude to just keep going is the thing and a sense of humour of course!

Keep your chin up!


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