My MS brain lesions

My MS brain lesions read more on my latest blog page.

I would like to start this post by discussing a few points about how MS and brain lesions effect my every day life…I find that on a daily basis. Read more

Hi Amazon Lady

I have just read your blog and really enjoyed it. Have you had MS for long ?

Moyna xxx

Hello Amazon lady, i felt quite sad after reading your blog…it seems as if its all moving too fast for you, I feel for you non of us want to look too far ahead, it feels as if we lose all control of our future. I’m just about to have a wet room made…but at the same time they want to put me a wheelchair lift and ramp at the side of the house so that i don’t have to crawl up the steps, and now they want to widen the door frames so i can use a chair inside …my instinct screams nooo i want to get better…This is unthinkable! …its me!.. and in my mind i see myself running around my sons paper round and doing the school run…that was me 3 years ago…but things have changed so much, and in all honesty had i not embraced the power wheelchair and the motability car with the hoist, i would have been house bound…I hope that you get the help and the adaptations that you need, you seem to have had such a rough time with things, its not fair when you are let down…Have you got some emotional support? a good a friend to talk to? I think what ever stage we are at with a chronic illness we need that emotional support and sometime as I’v e found…we need time to grieve the “me” that we’ve lost.

Take care love Michelle x

So sorry your feeling so low at the moment, really hope thinks soon improve for you,

Nina x

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Oh AL I am sorry things are so rough & SO much trouble just to get some basic stuff you need!!!

Hope it all gets sorted very quickly. My recliner chair has a memory foam cushion. It’s great. If I sit on any other chair for more than about 5 minutes my bottom starts to hurt so much, but never on my recliner. I think it also has something to do with keeping my legs up.

All the best… and thanks for another great blog.

Pat xx

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I enjoyed reading your blog, if “enjoyed” is the right word?

I too have brain lesions. They cause my depression, I do not have depression as a reaction to having MS. They are also causing lots of other problems. Someone in another post called this a “relentless disease” and that is exactly what it is. Relentless. We just have to learn to live with as best we can, which is, of course, so much easier to type than actually do!! I think we all have our ups and downs. Hopefully we get back to being “up” each time?

To all of you struggling at the moment. We are all here for one another. I know that and am very grateful to all here who respond when needed.

Big Hugs to you all, wish they weren’t “virtual” though! Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we could get together?