My mother in laws dying wish

Hello when i first started dating Stephanie (my wife) i eventually got introduced to her mother automatically i thought woah she must be on drugs showing just how uneducated about MS i actually was i actually got scared but tried to interact the best i could though at this stage natalie (my mum) still had very limited ability to speak so i never really got to know her.

To tell the truth i had never heard of the condition at all so steph told me the basics and asked me if i was too freaked out to continue the relationship as she would not be you typical normal gilfriend because she and her sister were pretty much full time carers and had been since shannon and steph were in their very early teens so yeah the relationship was going well but it meant me comming to her house every day and no dates etc but we grew so close.

For a while Natalie was in and out of hospital a lot until the MS went to her lungs and breathing was a severe problem we then got told she would be dead in a matter of weeks and the plan was for me and my wife to get married this year 2017 instead we planned a wedding in just 4 weeks and executed it on the 2nd of december days later…natalie passed away it was almost like she hung on just to see her daughters big day such a strong lady

Which leads me to what we are doing for MS basically we linked in with MS society and have planned a special walk in belfast, northern ireland to raise money for the charity it was my wifes idea since tomorow is natalies first birthday not being here so instead of being depressed we done this instead she also always wanted us to support charities so thats exactly what we are doing.

If any one would like to donate [link removed by admin - contact author for details] :slight_smile: