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My head is spinning.

Hello. My name is Gabriel, I’ m 25 years old , male . I `m so confused . My journy has been with a lot of ups & downs .
2020 - had a pain in my right arm at that time i thought that was all about a pinch nerve , weeks later the pain improve but 2 of my fingers went numb.I saw a lot of doctors … they prescribe some vitamins . In autumn same year I went for mri to my neck. That was the first time when i knew that was something bad. The doctors said : " Maybe is a tumor or Ms but I hope it s MS." (lession about 17 mm C2-C3). (Also had l hermitte sign for a while).
After a week I repeat the mri with contrast also for my brain.Some little spots apear , but wasn t any sign of inflamation.
In december 2020 another doctor said that Transverse myelitis , and gave me a list with some blood tests that i should do.
January 2021 - Igg positive for Lyme disease. I stayed in hospital for 2 weeks on treatment for lyme.
Rest of the time i m feeling pretty good , I notice that I have some lower back pain , also a little pain in my right leg , but I can walk for hours ( At my job I m 8 hours on my feet).
And in Oct. I repeat the mri brain&spine and a new lession apper on my brain ( about 3mm. my lessions on my brain are between 3-4 mm , and i have about 6 in total).
My doctor thinks is probably ppms. Is possible to have PPMS at age of 25?
(sorry for my bad english 2nd language).

With love , Gabriel

Hi Gabriel (beautiful name),
Lyme’s disease…that’s treatable, as you say. Have you ever been bitten by a tick? I did when I was 5…but it wasnt the cause of my MS issues.

Doctors didnt seem to be interested when I told them…maybe that was because it was too long ago.

You do have quite a few brain lesions…wonder if it is PPMS?

What’s the next step?

Take care sweetheart

Sorry, but no…any age can get PPMS, so 25 isnt too young. I developed it at 45. No pattern to that.