My Gorilla is b****y selfish!

Hi everyone

Well as the title says…my gorilla is bloody selfish, as I have

had a lovely quiet Xmas, no overdoing anything, in fact, being waited

on, and yet mine has still managed to unlock the cage and roar around.

How selfish is that?

Seems like my 2013 is going to be much the same as 2012, I do so hope

everyone’s will be better.

Pam xx

Hi Pam

He is a selfish B******d, but we get by, even if it involves having a scare/fright to remind us it could be worseI so wish everyone well for 2013M

Hi Pam, yeh, I know just what you mean. My selfish monster is a cousin of your`s!

we can hope for a decent new year, eh?

luv Pollx

Yep mine’s a selfish sod as well. I’d punch him on the nose but he’s too fast for me…

Happy New year everyone…

Pat xx

Two words I’ve discovered don’t get filtered… bloody and sod!

Hi M

Yes I agree, it is a selfish b*****d, and under my breath it gets called a lot worse! but,

as you say, I will bounce back.

Take care and my best wishes for 2013.


Hi Poll

I wish we could put all these monster cousins in a big bag and drop 'em off the side

of a cliff, that would be a great new year’s resolution!

My best wishes for 2013.

Pam x

Hi Pat

In that case then…this gorilla is a bloody sod!

My best wishes for 2013.

Pam x