My funny 1st MRI story! (brain, neck and spine)

Well, that was something of a surprise!

I prepared myself for anxiety, but the instant feeling that hit me upon the sensation of my body slowly moving into the scanner was laughter! For the first 10 mins or so, I was trying so, SO hard not to laugh!!

It was like that laughter you get at a funeral or an awkward moment where you think “this would be the worst time to start laughing right now” but you can’t help it! I kept envisaging myself as a superhero or a villan going into her SUPER HI-TEK VESSEL OF POWAAHH! and… yes… when they put the cage-thingy on my head I felt like I changed into the super sci-fi villaness…

If EVER you feel nervous about getting scanned, just picture yourself as an action hero and the scanner as like your magic bed. And all the sounds are your powers or… or… something… :stuck_out_tongue:

What can I say? It helped me! I left feeling proud, and in very good spirits. :slight_smile:

Oh! The guys also had a good giggle at my odd socks - so perhaps go for that look too. ;D

Lol Shiller… great way to look at it. I just found it all weird, though there is nothing new there as everything for the past few months has just been weird! So pleased it went well for you xx


Hi Shiller,

Glad you could see the funny side of it and it didn’t scare you. Are you SuperMan?? Well done for looking at it in the way that you did.



So have you run yourself a snazzy outfit up yet?