My cosy cottage...

Just realised it is 3 years today that I came to view this flat. Moving into sheltered accomodation was a big step… but I’m so glad I did it.

Might seem odd to call a 1-bed flat in middle of London a ‘cosy cottage’, but it really does feel like that to me.

Pat x

Isn’t that all thats matters Pat? If its a cosy cottage to you then a cosy cottage it is Glad it feels like home to you.



How lovely Pat! I remember you moving in. Doesn`t seem 3 yrs ago!

You sure made the right move there.

luv Pollx

Just wanted to add;

be it a bedsit or a mansion…home is where the heart is.

luv Pollx

Poll’s hit the nail on the head Pat,…home IS where the

heart is. So glad you enjoy your home, take care

Pam xx

Have a lovely Christmas Pat - you are like the ‘backbone’ of this site, such pearls of wisdom and encouraging words always. Have a large Baileys from me! Debs xx

Dear Pat

You are the ‘backbone’ of this club,M

Aaawww shucks!

Thank you Golden Girls,

Pat x