my colours are well and truly nailed to the mast

i recently joined the labour party and now have been asked to help with the last week before the election.

i was given my mp’s email address and so i emailed her and asked if i could be found something to do that didn’t involve standing because my legs won’t take it.

looks like i’ll be pestering people by phone!

carole x

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well done for making an effort hun - one of the problem in this country is the apathy when it comes to voting.

So when I get my plan to take over the world sorted will you be my official phone pesterer-erer-erer?

JBK xx

It’s the only Party I ever joined where you don’t need to bring a bottle, although it was over thirty years ago and the rules might have changed since then.

Welcome to the battle for good versus evil.

love it jbk and whammel!

it’s like being luke skywalker!

of course i’ll be your pesterer jbk. i’m a top class pest

whammel - they haven’t asked me to take bottle but i’ve brought a bottle to my bed - a rather nice single malt!

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My branch have found me lots to do from my wheelchair! I’ve lost count of the number of envelopes I’ve stuffed. I would have like to go along doorstep canvassing but until they invent a hover chair that’s not going to happen (mind you it would be a bit like getting Darth Vada at your door, I don’t know how may votes Id win!) Come poling day I’ll be outside a polling station in my red chair - I’ve threatened to deck it out with balloons


so jane, you as darth vader, me as luke skywalker


Well done you two.

God help anyone who gives you grief on the phone Carole. You could always zap them with your lightsaver!!

Up the Reds!!!

Shazzie xx