My body is vibrating!!!!

I know that sound wired but my whole body feels like its vibrating. It’s a really strange feeling! Is it likely to be an ms thing (trying to make a list for neuro) or am I just a fruitcake lol Xx

Glad it’s not just me then. Wish it was just my arm though. For the record I am a fruitcake anyway lol

Eww! If you are a full-fruitcake - like Kitty I’m just a part-fruitcake! I get it in the back of my neck & head! Very odd sensation xxxjenxxx

I get this quite frequently. Especially when I’ve overdone it! Until you get dx you won’t know what if it’s ms as so many things give similar symptoms. Keep notes of everything for Neuro. So if you’re a fruitcake I’m one too xxx