My 2022 goals

Happy New Year to you all - hope you survived the festive season and are now raring to go into 2022. I must admit I was asleep as New Year rang out from the village church bells and have not yet found the time to go over my aims for 2022 with my daughter. I know that one thing to be attempted after ticking off all last year’s goals is to GO SOLO! Help!! I know she won’t accept my feeble excuses so must bite the bullet and go for it. Perhaps just a short bus journey up the road will do just for now. But I have been very brave (or foolhardy)and managed to use my overhead hoist by myself. Got tired of waiting for help so thought yes you can do this. So soon this tall nearly 80 year old was swinging over the hospital bed and slowly landing with whoops of delight onto the mattress. Have done this several times now once I have been helped to dress and I’m sure you can all understand the satisfaction I feel at doing something for myself. Will let you know what’s next in store for me but meantime let’s all try to make the most of the life we’ve got. Take care Xx Essie


Brilliant even small victories are enormously satisfying. Thanks for sharing your delight

Fantastic - everyone has achievements in their lives that are so important, no matter what other ones think how small these are - well done and I hope just for a stable and more uplifting 2022

Well done for tackling the hoist on your own. I love the sense of achievement from doing tasks , it doesnt matter how big or small . All of our victories are so good for a mental boost , and for a positive mental outlook.

wishing you many more ‘wins’ in life.

Bloody brilliant! Your bravery and bloodymindedness cheers my soul! Here’s to independence xx

Hello, thank you for sharing your delight. This is very touching! I also have big plans for this year and I think I will succeed. I really want to improve my grades in college and before the new year I found the site How to Bypass Turnitin to Write an Urgent Paper? 🤓 and this application helped me to correct the grade in the 1st semester and it’s really cool. Learning comes first for me. I also want to visit several countries about 5. So if I finish my studies sooner I will be able to travel faster!

The best of luck with all your plans.

Hi, what a wonderwoman you are! Good for you girl!

Your positivity is to be admired.

Love ya!

It’s great! You’re really inspiring!