Muscular Atrophy

When the nerves that fire the muscles have issues. We have to try & compensate the problem. Or the muscle fails to activate & do its job. Whether it’s a limb or bodily function.

If someone steals a car battery & there’s no way of getting a replacement. Solar is an option.

They don’t make power supplies for MS. I try to keep as active as possible. Every avenue is explored.

Personally I’ve improved my vitamins & mineral intake. Exercising bits at a time & trying to feel the difference.

Avoiding gas lighting narcissists is paramount! MS is very unpredictable & no other problems are needed to confuse an already, very confusing situation. Them muscles need to function, or they waste away & cause much bigger problems. Problems that are apparently not caused by MS.

Take it easy out there folks & stick at it.

Another tip is don’t do too much, like I’ve done & keep paying the consequences. It does make you feel alive one day & virtually dead for a few days after. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I was going the MS group, but been forced to stay in for an Asbestos survey. They wont do any work until the health & safety police have done their tests. If you want a cup of coffee. Your cup, milk, brand of coffee & anything else, must be inspected. The washing machine is doing it’s job & that was quite simple. Keep active folks. Use it or lose it & that applies to your marbles too.

I don’t mind hurting when I’ve done something to deserve it, whether I’ve been out or exerted myself cleaning or busy in my garden. I resent hurting when all I’ve done is fallen asleep and rolled onto my back or the old nerves are just playing silly b…s. I’m very hopeful that once I’ve had my parathyroid glands out that my pain levels will ease though, my Neuro thinks this might happen, fingers are crossed. Take care. I suppose the advice of ‘everything in moderation’ is appropriate. Cath x

Indeed Cath. When a healthy person goes the gym they get pain. With MS, it seems to add quite a few other pains too & avoiding causing further damage is trouble. We have to keep active though. Letting things go beyond help isn’t a good idea.

Keep that fighting spirit folks.

I fully agree with you, you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. And that’s both mind and body. I damaged my neck and the surgeons who fixed it couldn’t believe that the person they were operating on had walked into theatre. They believed I should have been paralysed, if not from the neck down, then certainly from the waist. They reckoned that it was sheer stubbornness that had kept me mobile. Now if that didn’t stop me from keeping going, I’m not going to let ms do it. I’m not saying that I’m nearly as mobile or intelligent as I used to be, and like most of you probably do, have days where even getting dressed is difficult, never mind going out or exercising, but I try to keep active and do puzzles and play card games etc to keep my brain active. But most importantly I try to keep positive. Having hobbies and goals goes a long way to doing that. I’m not giving up and whether it’s stubbornness or determination isn’t important, I’m happy. Take care and you seem to be as positive as I am, keep it up. Cath x

Keep plodding on Cath & try to book a holiday to get some respite. The MS we can learn to cope with. It’s the so called helpers that cause 90% of my issues. Their bull crap is trying to send me around the twist. Stories as diverse as the tabloid nonsense. They refuse to let me cut them out of my life.