Muscle wastage or nerve damage .. Or both ??!!??

Hey guys, any ideas why I can’t seem to get any muscle tone/ definition in my legs anymore ?? I can’t walk very much now but do my exersizes … But I’m getting no results. I’ve heard that nerve damage it’s self can cause muscle wasting. Any advice ?? Louise xx

Hi Louise,

No advice really, I’m afraid. Muscle wasting can indeed be a consequence of neurological damage. If signals can’t get to the muscles properly, to tell them to work, there will be a decline in the condition of the muscles.

Paradoxically, the reverse can also occur. I have excessively high tone in my legs (looks shapely, but otherwise not a positive, as it makes them stiff and resistant to movement). The fault in my wiring is telling them always to contract, so they’re getting a permanent involuntary workout, but can’t actually relax without the help of drugs. They’re weak in a different way, because they’re tired from always being tensed. :frowning: