Multiple symptoms whilst relapsing

Hi all,

I started relapsing last week, have seen my MS nurse almost right away. I initially went numb from the waist down which has since spread up to my neck. I also had incredibly intense/almost painful L’hermittes. The MS nurse and consultant are now putting me on copaxone. However, since this weekend I have felt a very uncomfortable tightening around my chest at the bottom of my ribs on both sides and the front. This was initially around my stomach on Saturday but has spread.

i was wondering if anyone else gets several different symptoms when relapsing? I know everyone is different I was just interested to see if anyone has similar experiences?

Thank you so much


hi sam that tightening around your chest could be the ms hug. it is truly vile. copaxone is better than nothing but there are newer more effective drugs. have a read up on them and say what you want. at risk of stating the bleeding obvious - rest up, then rest again, tuck up snug and warm and ride it out. carole x

Multiple symptoms during a relapse aren’t unknown. I had a bad one that affected speech, walking, manual dexterity and coherent thought. As for DMDs, you should have a say in what you take as it needs to fit in with your lifestyle. Ask for more options and get all the information you can before making a decision.